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 Why did God create Satan in the first place?




















 This is kinda awkward...i'm a yp.  Is it ok to have a crush on a yp sister/brother?


 Actually, God did not create Satan. Satan did not become "Satan" or "Satanic" until unrighteousness was found in him in Ezekiel 28:15.  Satan, who was formerly known as Lucifer, Daystar and the anointed cherub, was part of the angelic life created before the foundations of the earth as we know it today.  We see this in Job 38:4-7. Lucifer was given a very high position and glorified and worshiped God until he wanted to be "like the Most High".  We see his rebellion in Isaiah 14 & Ezekiel 28. After his rebellion, the angelic Daystar was filled with evil and even became the source of evil and fell from God's presence to be his adversary, His enemy. 

 You may now be thinking that God should have known that this would happen and should have never created a Daystar in the first place.  This poses another line of questioning, that if I could answer, I would be God Himself but we know that this is not the case.  What I do know is that now, God has an enemy in the universe and whatever he does actually paints a black background to what God wants to do.  When God, through His wisdom and arrangement, gains what He is after, not only does He shame His enemy, Satan but God's glory shines that much brighter.  

Some suggested ministry:
God's plan of redemption Chapter 1





You may now be thinking that God should have known that this would happen and should have never created a Daystar in the first place.  This poses another line of questioning, that if I could answer, I would be God Himself but we know that this is not the case.  What I do know is that now, God has an enemy in the universe and whatever he does actually paints a black background to what God wants to do.  When God, through His wisdom and arrangement, gains what He is after, not only does He shame His enemy, Satan but God's glory shines that much brighter.  

Some suggested ministry:
God's plan of redemption Chapter 1

Please see the answer given below to the same question on 12/11/07.



I've recently brought some friends into the church life, but they expect me to do a lot of things for them.  I know I should be a good member of the Body and shepherd them, but as a student myself, I sometimes feel frustrated.  I shouldn't expect them to come to meetings themselves, but I sometimes don't have the time to organize rides and talk to parents or whatever they need me to do.  What should I do?It is wonderful that you have brought some of your friends into the church life and are burdened to take care of them.

As you have discovered, shepherding others requires a bit of sacrifice on our part. Yet there is a joy in the sacrifice, when we realize that our care for others is an expression of our love for the Lord Himself. When the Lord asked Peter if he loved Him, the Lord urged Peter to "Feed My lambs" and "Shepherd My Sheep." (i.e., to care for others). Our love for the Lord should issue in our care for others.

Our care for others, however, should not just be an individualistic matter, but a Body matter.  A good member of the Body is not doing its own thing.  It is connected to other members, receiving and flowing out supply from and to the other members.

It would be helpful for you to fellowship with the other saints that you are attached to — in your home meeting, trainees, serving ones,  and others your age.  Pray for these new ones and consider together how to take care of them—how to get them to the meetings when they want to come, and how to help them enjoy the Lord according to their capacity.  The first matter in shepherding someone is to pray for them.  We should pray not only personally for them but also with one or two others.  The Lord will then give you some feeling how to continue caring for them. 

What a blessing, that we could participate in the Lord's care for people!  Please keep us posted on their progress!
i have a very good friend of mine who has a strong spirit and really loves the lord. my friend has been telling me about a cousin of hers who used to have a very strong spirit and love the lord as well. recently though the cousin hasn't been enjoying the lord, praying, reading the bible, calling on his name, or enjoyed going to the meetings. my friend says she also has a bad attitude and is going thru the "teenage rebellion years." my friend and i both share the goal of wanting to be overcomers together, and i also personally know the cousin. she is a sweet and funny girl and it hurts me to see her be taken away from the church. i pray for her and encourage her to pray as well, but shes very stubborn! please help me in bringing my friends cousin back to the lord.The teenage years are very tough, and your cousin is fortunate to have saints who care so much about her.

As you continue to pray for her,  keep in mind is that the church life is not just meetings.  Shepherding involves much more than bringing a person to a church meeting and hoping that they will touch the Lord.  First, we must pray.  Then, we should make the person comfortable --cherish them.  Maybe invite her to your house or another place for dinner, or for some activity.  When the disciples met the Lord, they asked Him, "Where are you staying?" His answer was, "Come and see." (John 1:38-39)  When the Lord sent the disciples out to preach the gospel, he instructed them to move in with people, until it was time to move on.  (Mark 6:10)  The principle here is that shepherding someone takes place in a home; and that the way we live affects how others appreciate the Lord and the church life. 

If possible invite this friend over to a saint's home for a meal.  Maybe invite her to our Welcome Back Trainee BBQ on Aug 23.  The more she enjoys spending time with the saints, the more open she will be to hearing about the Lord, and eventually enjoy her spirit.  When she is comfortable enough, she will ask a question about the Lord or the church, and that will be the right time to share something with her.
hummm...just wonderin'. are there certain questions that are asked by the yp, but not posted on the Q&A page?Thanks for your inquiry! Some questions that are submitted request a personal reply rather than a posting on the website, so those have obviously not been posted.

There have been maybe two or three questions over the past few years that were asked and requested to be posted on the website, but were not due to their inappropriate nature.  Questions that are more personal in nature or that may deal with subject matters not appropriate to public viewing, should request personal replies rather than public postings.

There are currently two questions which have not been answered/posted, because the answers are still being written. The response time is dependent availability of the serving ones for this purpose, and varies greatly. We expect those two questions/answers to be posted shortly, and appreciate your patience.

Finally, if you believe we may have overlooked a question, please point it out, and we will be happy to respond.
When God saved Noah's entire family just because Noah and Noah only was righteous in God's eyes, wasn't God exercising a form of "guilt by association" or inequality of all before divine justice? It seems God's legal compass in the Bible points the opposite direction as our society's-- is one necessarily superior?Thanks for your thoughtful question.  It is true that Noah's family was saved, you could say, by their 'association' with Noah, and those not saved perished because they were not 'associated' with Noah. But the important question is what this 'association' means and how it works.

Noah's family enjoyed the blessing of a father who followed God even in the face of humiliation (he built an ark when it had never rained before). There is a special blessing bestowed on the family of one who is saved and commits his household to follow the Lord in a wholehearted way. ('As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.'�Joshua 24:15). This story actually portrays the truth of household salvation found in so many places throughout the Bible (see "Household Salvation" by Watchman Nee). Noah's family was under his spiritual influence to follow the Lord, and indeed practically expressed their submission (their association) by entering into the ark with Noah.

At the same time, all those not of Noah's household also had the opportunity to be saved; this is why Noah preached to the people on earth during his many years of ark building (2Peter 2:5 refers to Noah as a "herald of righteousness"). It was the people's rejection of Noah's preaching, not a breach of God's divine justice, that resulted in their judgment. Their rejection was, you could say, their 'disassociation' with Noah. In a way, this disassociation from Noah was their association with other rejectors of Noah, and in this sense they were guilty by association. But it is more accurate to say that they were guilty by disassociation from Noah in the same way that one who rejects today's heralds of righteousness will be guilty, and therefore judged.

Those with spiritual parents who take a stand for the Lord, have a great opportunity (though tragically not always taken) to respect and follow the way of their parents to salvation. Those who do not have such a 'household' advantage still have access to the gospel message and an opportunity for salvation from judgment. In the end, the critical question is how one chooses to react to those (family or otherwise) whom God uses to bring them the word of salvation. God's 'legal compass' turns on this choice. When one heeds the herald's message and believes into Christ, he is justified and will never perish.

uhm... this is sorta an awkward question...
but, as a christian, are you allowed to have a crush on someone?
Thank you for your honest question.

To have a "crush" on someone is much different from starting or maintaining a relationship. God made us to notice and have feelings for the members of the opposite sex. This is very normal. But in today's loose and sinful culture, young people are encouraged to go beyond that. It is best not to start a relationship because once it is started, it will grow and mature and may lead into a sinful situation. It is best to decide ahead of time, that while you are in school and studying, you would stay focused on your education and leave the matter of relationships and marriage to the future. This is the healthiest way, especially in the midst of a very promiscuous culture and society filled with temptations.

If you have a crush on someone, then the best thing to do is to pray for that person. Pray for them to be supplied and kept from the evil one. Pray also for yourself and for your future. If he/she is "the one" then pray that the Lord will keep him/her for you and that the Lord would keep you for him/her. Then leave it to the Lord until you are at a stage in life when you can commit seriously to someone (most likely post-college). It is best to avoid a romantic relationship in junior high or high school as the temptations and passions will be too difficult to control, and you are not in a position to make a serious commitment.

Please don't hesitate to talk to your parents or a serving one if you feel you need more help in your situation. May the Lord richly supply you with His grace to keep yourself for Him!

What are we doing for Winter Getaway? Like what activities and meetings?The Winter Getaway will include games/contests, singing, fellowship times, eating, etc. Specifics haven't been determined yet, but it is usually an informal and enjoyable time. Come and see!
On the PSAT I was asked to fill in what religion I was. When I flipped over the test booklet, there were many various choices for the different sects of Christianity. But, that got me wondering what I would put down as my religion. Would it simply be Christian, or do we have a specific name for ourselves too?You should simply indicate that you are a Christian. We do not differentiate or divide ourselves from other members of the Body of Christ, as it is unscriptural to do so. The only distinction among Christians is a practical one based on the locality (city) in which they reside and meet. Hence the church in Ephesus, the church in Rome. The Bible never uses other designations but that of locality in order to preserve the oneness of the Body.
Why do the yp brothers and their trainees always seem closer than the yp sisters and their trainees?

And, though the church life is supposed to be a big family, there always seems to be a gap between the serving ones/ trainees and the yp. Do you know why that is?

If you tell a trainee/serving one about problems in your life, will they really listen to you and help? Or do they just sorta listen and forget about it later?
Thanks for opening up your heart to state your concern. Its hard to say if the YP brothers are closer to their trainees than the YP sisters are to theirs. One reason you may perceive this to be so is that three of the four HS trainee sisters are new this year, while most of the trainee brothers have been around a while and know their kids better.

The "gap" that you're talking about comes from YP and adults often not knowing how to relate to one another that well. Adults (trainees and serving ones) are sometimes unsure how to approach YP and get close to them. We're fearful that the YP will think we are pushing ourselve on you so we may be a little reserved. But the trainees (and serving ones) care deeply about the YP, and pray often for each one of you. After two years, unfortunately the trainees move away and new ones arrive, so there will always be some "getting used to each other."

For the church life to be a family, we all need to get into a home meeting and become a part of that group. Make them your real family in the Lord. This will be the greatest blessing to you. The trainees can help to bridge you into the home meeting, but you have to be willing to go and become a part of it, and feel like you�re a part of it.

On your final question, please know that the serving ones and trainees are here to serve and care for you. If you tell one of us about your problems, we do not forget. We pray for you and will do whatever we can to help you. You mean so much to us, and we long to see you healthy, happy and growing in the Lord!

I was reading the Life-Study of Revelations, and I came across this phrase: "On the negative side, a second main thing has transpired---Satan, the enemy of God, has been dealt with." And it had me pondering why it was a negative thing. Isn't dealing with Satan a good thing? Then why is it written that it was a negative thing, and not a positive one? You are right�dealing with God's enemy is a positive thing, however God is dealing with a negative matter.  That is why Brother Lee says, "on the negative side."  For example, God's purpose for man according to Gen. 1:27 is 1) to express Himself through man (image), which is positive; but also 2) to deal with His enemy (dominion), which is negative. 

God takes care of His original intention, which is positive; but also has to defeat His enemy (i.e., deal with the negative). Its kind of like taking out the trash. Its not pleasant to do so (i.e., negative), but it has a positive result.

(previously 7/16/06)
I have a friend that I really want to get saved.  She's a good person, and I can tell that if she had the chance to be saved and baptized, she would.  But every time one of the meetings come up, she's always busy or sick.  She's my first gospel friend and I'm greatly disheartened.  What should I do? Actually, it is quite a positive sign that you are so concerned about the salvation of your friend. Many people are indifferent about their unbelieving friends, so take comfort in the fact that the Lord is moving in your heart in this way.

Here are three suggestions on what you should do: 

(1)    Pray consistently and specifically that the Lord would open the way for your friend to be saved. Ask the Lord to work in his/her heart and circumstances to prepare the way for Him to save him/her. God�s enemy, Satan, will try to frustrate the salvation of unbelievers, even by keeping them practically occupied. However, the Lord is on the throne and can work things out easily. He chooses not to always work them out speedily, however, as He has His own timing concerning each soul.

(2)    You might consider asking the young people in Irvine to pray for your friend in an upcoming meeting. Let this become a �Body� matter where all the members bear the burden together.

(3)    Don�t be too disappointed if your friend can�t make it to a meeting. Perhaps there are other opportunities for your friend to receive some fellowship about the Lord. Maybe you could invite her to one of the saints� homes for dinner, or arrange a time with you, him/her and one of the YP trainees. The Lord can use many settings to woo and eventually gain an unbeliever for Himself.

May the Lord be your bountiful supply as you labor to bring your friend to the Lord!

I know of people who read not only the Recovery Version of the Bible, but also other versions as well. Aren't these other versions inaccurate? Some verses are worded differently and can mean something completely different. So shouldn't we just follow the Recovery Version and Witness Lee's footnotes? Reading various versions of the Bible simultaneously and comparing them is actually a great way to study the Bible. Most translations of the Bible were done by scholars with great care for accuracy. The Recovery Version stands on the shoulders of prior translations, and in fact references them in its footnotes on occasion.
That being said, there are some weaknesses in various versions, some of which may alter the meaning substantially from the original text. A notable example is the King James translation of John 14:2: �In my Father�s house are many mansions. . .� The word �mansions� is inconsistent with both the Greek text and the context of the book of John. The word is best translated �abode� as it is in verse 23 of the same chapter: �Jesus answered and said to him, If anyone loves Me . . . My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make an �abode� with him.� These verses concern our mutual abode with the Triune God, and not a physical mansion in heaven where we can live a materialistic life. The latter thought is contrary to the context of the book of John in which the Lord reveals that we must abide in Him and He in us.
The Recovery Version, in addition to taking care of the original languages, also takes into account the view of God�s economy, as illustrated in the example used above. For these reasons, it may be considered a most trustworthy version. Learning, or at least referencing, the original Greek or Hebrew languages, however, would be a good exercise for all Bible readers. Interlinear texts which contain the Greek or Hebrew text alongside the English text are widely available for this purpose.
Grace to you in your pursuit of the Lord in His word!

During the SSOT i heard that children's service is needed for a number of adult meetings coming up I think a conference or something. How can I sign up and where? This children's service is needed during the Irvine Perfecting Training from August 13 through September 12 on:

� Lord's Days 6:00pm - 8:15pm, and
�Tuesdays 7:30pm�9:15pm

The above schedule differs from the sign-up schedule circulated during SSOT. We will re-do the sign-up for this service beginning tomorrow morning, Lord's Day, 8/6/06.

When and where can I sign up for the children's service? You can sign up any time by contacting brother Craig Birchler.

Ephesians 6 also tells children to "honor" their parents. Does this apply to special cases, i.e. must you "honor" and "obey" a parent who is in prison, a crack addict, or an abusive parent?
Thanks for the thoughtful question. We'd like to answer it by making four points:

Point #1: Ephesians 6:1 says, "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right."  The phrase, "in the Lord", indicates that children need to obey their parents (1) by being one with the Lord, (2) not by themselves but by the Lord, and (3) not according to their natural concept but according to the Lord's word. (Ephesians, 6:1, footnote 2)

The mistakes or sins of our parents do not excuse us from this requirement.  Although the religous Jews and the political Romans were unrighteous and unjust toward the Lord Jesus, the Lord still lived a proper human life.  So regardless of our parents' mistakes, we children are not excused from living and expressing the divine life through our human life.  The emphasis here is that we need to have a proper human living.

Point #2: "Honoring is different from obeying.  Obeying is an action, whereas honoring is an attitude." (Ephesians 6:2, footnote 1)  From this note, we can see that not only should we obey our parents, we need to honor them in our attitude. In fact, if you check with your experience, you will realize that its possible to obey our parents without honoring them. This is wrong.

Point #3: We must have a proper regard for the importance of authority and learn the lesson of submission.  For this, please look at the example of Noah and his three sons in Genesis 9.  It is too easy for us to not submit to those in authority, like our parents, who have been placed over us.  It is too easy for us to notice their mistakes and use them as an excuse to disobey and dishonor them.  This is the seed of rebellion that is in man.

Point #4: You should have a proper appreciation of the first three points before reading this last point.  The final point is that obedience is not absolute.  In some matters, we cannot obey our parents.  Our parents may be wrong.  For example, our parents may tell us that we cannot believe in the Lord Jesus.  We cannot obey this.  However, submission is always absolute; it has to do with "honoring."  While we may not be able to obey our parents concerning a certain matter, we cannot have an attitude of rebellion.  We must remain submissive and respectful; this is a matter of our attitude.  Chapter 11 of Watchman Nee's book, "Authority and Submission" is very helpful on this point.
Why does the Bible condone slavery in Ephesians 6?
A very good question; thanks for asking!

The Bible does not condone slavery.  "God was utterly opposed to such a social system, for it was altogether contrary to the place of man in His creation.  Paul certainly did not approve of this evil social system.  But instead of trying to reform it, he charged the slaves to behave well in it, to live in it according to the standard of the humanity of the Lord Jesus. However, as a teacher appointed by God and as one with spiritual insight, he did not touch the existing social system. If he had done so, he would have given others the impression that he was a social reformer and not a teacher of God�s economy, a herald of the good news. Paul did not involve himself with reformation of the social system. On the contrary, he gave instructions to slaves concerning the need to behave according to the highest standard of human character. The slaves were to have an excellent testimony of the life of Jesus in their human living." (Life-study of Titus, msg 4)

Perhaps some may feel that they are slaves in their jobs, and that their bosses are their masters. How should one live in such a situation? They should live out the divine life of Christ.

"If Paul had advocated the annulment of the system of slavery, he would have been regarded as a social reformer by those who read his Epistles. That would have obscured Paul�s teaching concerning the living out of Christ�s divine life in our human living in the midst of any kind of social system. In order to guarantee that the light would shine without hindrance, Paul did not say a word about the social system in the way of correcting it or reforming it." (Ibid)

In order to understand Paul's epistle to the Ephesians, we also need to know his other epistles.  A general principle in understand the Bible is to study the specific verses in context with the entire Bible otherwise it is easy for us to take things out of context.  Therefore, it would be helpful to read Paul's epistle to Philemon, an elder in the church in Colossae and yet the master of Onesimus, his slave.  Also, the Life-study of Titus, message 4 is very good to give us God's view of slavery and yet what our reaction should be.

Hope this helps!
What concrete details support the content of the bible?
Sorry, but we're not sure quite what aspect of the Bible you're referring to. For example, do you mean the historical accuracy of the Bible? The spiritual truth of the Bible? The claims of the Bible (like the resurrection, etc.)? Please ask more clearly and specifically, and we'll try to answer. Thanks!
How often do we need to update medical release forms?  Because I went to the SSOT and I went to Engedi this summer, so if I plan to go to the Winter Getaway, will I need to sign a medical release form again?
Thanks for your inquiry about medical release forms. The forms we have for the kids will all expire at the end of each year. So the Winter Getaway is covered. We will obtain updated forms for all the YP again in January that will be effective for all of 2006.
The bible says that creatures were created 6000 or so years ago. yet there is just overwhelming proof that life has been around longer than that. why does so much of the bible contradict the laws of science. should we trust one and not the other? i feel swayed towards science because it has tangible evidence yet the bible's primary support is itself.
It is not necessary to choose between science and the Bible, as properly understood, the two support each other.

This matter you raise in your present question was dealt with in the entry below dated 8/19/05. Please see that answer as well as Life Study of Genesis messages 1-3 for a fuller answer.

Let us know if you still have questions after that, and we'd be glad to further elaborate. Thanks!!
What happens at the college/yp jubilee meeting?
The Jubilee is a special time twice a year for college
and high school young people from all over southern
california to gather together to enjoy the Lord.
There will be singing, praying, a message, and sharing
by the young people.  This time, the churches in
Orange County and San Diego will meet at the church in
Irvine meeting hall.  The gathering will be from
How does the theory of intelligent design figure into this?

Just an entertaining intellectual - but also timely (in light of Bush supporting the teaching of this in schools) - thought. I've entertained the idea of God helping the evolution of the universe (because time is a human, artifical construction - days, years, etc. and man cannot possibly concieve what time is to the Lord, his creation can be evolution and his days can be our millions of years).
Good question, but one which requires more than a brief writing here. We will likely have some special meetings devoted to the subject of God's creation vs. evolution in the near future since this is a topic with which young people are nearly daily bombarded . . . stay tuned.
Based on what we learned in school, God's creation of the world is met with a wall of tangible evidence. I want to believe in what the bible says, but i just can't answer my own questions on the possibility of a one week creation when met with stuff like the fossil record.
Good question. You may be surprised to learn that the one-week account of "creation" in Genesis 1 & 2 is not actually an account of creation at all; its too simple to adequately describe creation. Rather that one-week account refers to "restoration" of the previously "created" heavens and earth. God originally "created" the heavens and the earth (Gen. 1:1). No time frame is given in this verse for how long that creation process took. Then, through Satan's fall, the earth became waste and empty (Gen. 1:2), and God's original creation was corrupted. Genesis 1:3 and beyond refer to God's "restoration" of the previously "created" heavens and earth. This "restoration" was accomplished in the one-week period described in the verses.

For a further treatment of this subject, please refer to Genesis Life-Study messages 1, 2 and 3. If you have further quesitons, please ask, and grace to you!
Can the Irivne YP make a CD soon?
A number of young people have expressed interest in making a CD.  A good way to proceed is to gather those who are interested and find a serving one to coordinate with.  We have all the recording equipment necessary.  It would be wonderful for theyoung people in Irvine to record songs they enjoy singing!
will we still have young people's meetings on fridays or saturdays when school ends?
Yes.  Be sure to check the website for updated times and locations.
What is the Organic Union?
"Organic union" is a term that describes the spiritual reality of unbreakable relationship between the Lord Jesus and the believers. This term is based on 1 Corinthians 6:17, which says, "But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit." When we received the Lord initially by believing into Him, He entered into our human spirit. Once He, as the Spirit of life, entered into us, He was permanently installed in our spirit. Then, as we were baptized, we were put into Christ. Now, Christ is in us and we are in Christ. We are no longer two separate entities but one. This inseparable union takes place in our human spirit mingled with the Lord Spirit becoming one spirit.

The physical example of this term is a grafting of two trees. The Lord Jesus was a cultivated (good) olive tree and we were the wild, poor olive tree. In order for two trees to be grafted, both trees have to be cut. Christ was cut, in a sense, on the cross and we were cut when we were baptized into Him and His death. So, now Christ and we are like grafted trees bound up together. Once grafting is completed, the former poor tree receives all the rich element of life from the good tree. Because of this life union with Christ, we also receive all the riches of Christ into us. The characteristic of grafting is that once the branches are grafted together, they become one tree and inseparable. However, the flow of life within can be disturbed when we don't confess our sins and clear our conscience. The more we exercise our spirit, the more flow of life we will experience.

We enjoy God's eternal, indestructible, incorruptible, beautiful, rich, and powerful life through this organic union. That�s why the believers often say: �...It is no longer I who live but it is Christ who lives in me� (Galatians 2:20).
For the next follow up meeting, are we allowed to bring new people who didn't attend last gospel's meeting?
Yes. All are welcome.
Where can u get the forms and registration for the Summer of school of truth and the high school traveling thing?
1. For Summer School of Truth, you can pre-register on the IYP website on the Summer School of Truth" page. Written forms will be handed out Lord's Day, 6/5/05 in the morning meeting.

2.  High school summer trip registration is done on the "Trip Registration" page of the IYP website. Contact Steve Kaminski for further information.
Can we have a yard sale to raise money for the summer trip?
Sure. We'll be scheduling one soon.
Is it okay to get a girlfriend?
This is a touchy subject, because having a girlfriend or boyfriends in junior high and high school is quite common today, and therefore considered "normal."  However, having a romantic and physical relationship years in advance of being ready can pose problems and complications. Having the desire for these relationships is normal, but when to act on them is the tricky part.

The proper view of a relationship is that it should have the chance of resulting in marriage. Most relationships that start in JH or HS are not afforded that chance because JH and HS age kids are not anywhere near ready to get married; they need to live and mature much more first. Getting into relationships at too young an age brings with it the near certain risk of broken hearts, emotional rollercoasterism, and in the worst case, physical defilement (i.e., sex outside of marriage and all its awful consequenses).

So the best thing is to avoid boyfriend/girlfriend relationships until later when, as mature adults, you can enjoy the incredible blessings of a intimate relationship with a view toward a wonderful marriage.

Please feel free to talk to an individual serving one for further fellowship, and thanks for asking an honest question!

About 1-2 weeks ago, the IYP website held a poll on where we would have the Saturday night meetings. Can you tell us the results?
39% At the meeting hall house where it currently is
6%   In a home
55% Both hall & house on alternating weekends

When will the newly baptized 6th graders attend the young people's meeting?
They join the junior high class of the Summer School of Truth (July 11-23) and then become a regular part of the YP
work after that.
My friend was wondering about this problem, and recently he asked me about it. 
The bible says God created the earth in 5 days, 6th day He created man, and 7th day he rested.
My friend said that the scientests researched that the world was created with big bangs and stuff and there were atoms and small living creatures in the beginning of the earth and stuff like that.  Then he asks, how come the Bible never says anything about this. Its not that i doubt the Bible, but what do i say to my friend? how do i explain this.
There are a lot of things the Bible does not say, for if it were to cover everything in great detail, it would be so long that nobody would read it. For example, every living creature is not named in the Bible, but that does not mean that they were not all made by God.

How God made the earth and heavens is a mystery. He is God, and man cannot know everything about His power and processes in creating things (whether "big bangs" or other approaches). The Big Bang theory is essentially based on the fact that it appears that objects in space all seem to be going in a direction away from the earth. This could support the idea that the Earth is the center of the universe; the center of God's plan and work.  Zechariah 12:1 states that God stretched forth the heavens, laid the foundation of the Earth, and formed the spirit of man within him. This shows that the Earth is the point in the vast universe (the center) where God chose to carry out His purpose.

If you could be more specific about what exactly your friend's question is, then we could respond more directly to it.
What is dispensationalism?
Dispensationalism was a doctrine taught by John Nelson Darby, the founder of the 19th century Plymouth Brethern movement. It was also taught by Scofield in the US.  Dispensationalism is generally associated with fundamentalists, of which the the Dallas Theological Seminary and the Moody Bible Institute are the most well known.  Unbeknownst to many, the doctrine of dispensationalism was so prevalent at the turn of the 20th century that it has had a long lasting effect even indirectly influencing America's foreign policy today.

Basically, dispensationalism teaches that they are different time periods or "dispensations" whereby God deals with man.  Most dispensationalist teach that there are seven dispensations:

1. Dispensation of Innocence - Adam
2. Dispensation of Conscience - After man sinned, but before the flood
3. Dispensation of Government - After the flood, man was ruled by human government
4. Dispensation of Promise - Gods promise to Abraham or the Patriarchs (Abraham, Issac, Jacob)
5. Dispensation of Law - The covenant God established with Moses and the children of Israel
6. Dispensation of Grace - The new covenant establish by Christ on the cross, also known as the church age
7. Millennial Kingdom - Christ's second coming and His 1000 year reign

Please see a chart in your Bible in Matthew around chapter 5.  In the New Testament, recovery version, it is page 30-31.  Notice that there are similarities between this chart and the doctrine of dispensationalism as summarized from above.

In Darby's translation of the Bible, he uses the phrase "God's dispensation" in 1 Timothy 1:4.  Instead we use "God's economy".  The Greek word here is oikonomia which is composed of the Greek words "oikos" or house and "nomos" or law.  Hence the "oikonomia" denotes a kind of household law, household administration, or household dispensing (the dispensing of goods by a steward in the master's estate).  All of these meanings are imply when we use the phrase, "God's economy".  Please see footnote 4 in 1 Timothy 1:4.  Encapsulated in this little Greek word is an awesome thought.  God has an arrangement, a kind of arranged order or "an eternal plan" that He has been working on and is still working on.  This plan involves many steps; this plan has a goal and a final consummation.  The problem with "dispensationalism" is that its definition falls short.  It merely give time periods through which God deals differently with man in different ages.  Rather, God in His economy, has been working through the ages that He might gain a group of people chosen, predestinated, redeemed, regenerated, sanctified, transformed, conformed, glorified, built up as the Body of Christ, that He might gain an eternal _expression, a counterpart - Bride.

If you would like to read more about God's eternal economy and how God has been dispensing Himself, please read "The Divine Dispensing of the Dinvine Trinity" and "The History of God in His Union with Man," and its sequel, "The Move of God in Man."
My friend feels uncomfortable about going to the Wednesday lunches, I really want him to be saved.  What can I do.  He feels uncomfortable because he says he is not "religous."
Believe it or not, this is actually a good response. Some people have no response to the Word of God.  That is a pitiful situation.  But he obviously has some response.  That means something is touching him or bothering them.  In other words there is some reaction.  I think this is a good opportunity to pray for your friend.  If you want something, ask for it. Ask the Lord to save him and to carry out His perfect will for your friend.  It may be good to pray with another brother or sister and with your parents. Then, perhaps you could talk to your friend.  Share with them your experience of the Lord: how the Lord is not an outward religion to me, but He lives in me and wants to live in you too...or whatever you have been enjoying of the Lord recently.  The Lord will speak if you open your mouth.  Here is verse for you:  "But when they deliver you up, do not be anxious about how or what you should speak, for it will be given to you in that hour what you should speak;  for you are not the ones speaking, but the Spirit of your Father is
the One speaking in you (Matthew 10:19-20)."  The Lord be with your spirit!
Does the pope go to the New Jerusalem?  You would think that he wouldn't because the Catholic religion is just totally constitued with evil and demons. plus, he's the one who is (was) leading the entire thing.  But on the other hand, Catholicisim is a brach of Christianity.  And what about the people who are Catholic?  What happens to them?
The Catholic religion is indeed something that God hates; it is an abomination.  However this does not mean that God hates the Catholics (the people).  Indeed there are some Catholics, past and present, who are geniune believers of our Lord and therefore are God's children and our fellow brothers in Christ.  These believers of course along with with all the real believers of God will be constituted as the New Jerusalem in eternity; see Revelation 21:2, footnotes 1-3  If the pope was a true believer, then yes, he also will be a part of the New Jerusalem along with all of the real believers of Christ.  Conversely, there are also people who belong to the Catholic Church and other Protestant denominations, but who are not genuinely saved.  Those who do not believe into Christ and who have not receive eternal life, cannot and will not be a part of the New Jerusalem; see Revelation 20:15, footnote 1 and 3.  The exception of course are the Old Testament redeemed saints, see Revelation 21:12, footnote 4 and Revelation 21:14, footnote 2
My friend is doubting the bible. He asks me, "Why are you a Christian?" I answer, "Because I have faith in God, and I want to be one with his image." He then asks me, "How do
you know God's will is right." I say, "Because the bible tells me so, and i have faith in the bible." But then he goes on, saying "How do you know the bible is right? Can you prove it without mentioning faith or the bible? Like actual science is proven, whether people like it or not.Christianity is just a belief, you can't actually prove that there is a God just by using faith. You can have faith in anything but not be able to prove it."

I want my friend to understand the Bible and the Lord, but how do I convince him?                                                                   
Below are some answers submitted by serving ones and young people:

Answer #1.  I was just looking through the Irvine YP website and I saw a question that one of the YP had when he/she preached the gospel to the friend. I think I have an answer for him/her. I was reading in a passage in the Life-study of Romans, and there was an example of Einstein that Brother Lee gave. Einstein had this one interview that asked him if he believed in God. Einstein answered by saying that he was insulted by that particular question and said that any scientists, like him, will definitely believe in God. This is sort of what the passage was saying. But there's a passage in the life-studies. So I guess you can show the yp where to find it, I guess. So yeah...I just thought it would be a helpful fact for the brother/sister to know. [Note: the Life Study referred to is Life Study of Romans # 3 under the sub-heading "Knowing God by His Creation". Click here to view the section.]
Answer #2. First, unbelievers are "dead in offenses and sins." This means their spirit where the act of believing occurs is dormant and inactive. They are also "blinded by the god of this age (Satan)" and a thick veil is upon their faces. So, they cannot perceive the eternal things related to God; they are foreign to them. To make it worse, the minds and philosophies of this day and age are anti-God. So, it is normal for your friends to react like what you described.

On our part as their friends, I would recommend to pray that the Lord may remove the veil from our friends and bind the strong man (Satan, the god of this age). Then, positively they need to hear the gospel. Gospel is a good news concerning Christ who became a man like us so that He could shed His blood for our sins and resurrected to enter into us as the Spirit to save us to the uttermost. When they hear about their sinful condition, they are convicted and exposed. When they hear about the wonderful person Christ and His work, the faith is generated in their being. None of us had a faith by birth, at one point of our life, we heard the gospel. We appreciated Him, thanked Him for His love and realized that we needed Him. So, we cry out to Him to be our Savior. At that moment, He entered into us and He Himself became a believing ability within us. Then we had a faith in God.

I would encourage to pray for your friends. When you pray, tell the Lord what exactly you want Him to do in your friends. Usually, argument doesn't help that much. Rather, invite him to the gospel meeting we are planning to have in this May. Somebody else will speak the gospel to your friends for you.

Answer #3: Only God knows the heart and decides who
is saved or not. The Bible says that everyone who believes into Him has eternal life and will not perish (John 3:16).

Whether one believes or not is not something we can see or know. There are many in Catholicism who believe and will be saved. In Revelation 2, in the Epistle to the church in Thyatira, which refers to the Catholic Church, there is a call to the overcomers. This implies that there are some faithful
ones in Thyatira. We cannot know whether the pope was one of them or not. Even one so spiritual as Madam Guyon in the 1600 or 1700's was so spiritual and one with the Lord, but was in Catholicism. Amen.

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Reading schedule 2 skips Acts
chapter 14
You're right. Good catch! Nice to see someone who is up to date on the Bible reading.
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Thank you for your honest question.

To have a "crush" on someone is much different from starting or maintaining a relationship. God made us to notice and have feelings for the members of the opposite sex. This is very normal. But in today�s loose and sinful culture, young people are encouraged to go beyond that. It is best not to start a relationship because once it is started, it will grow and mature and may lead into a sinful situation. It is best to decide ahead of time, that while you are in school and studying, you would stay focused on your education and leave the matter of relationships and marriage to the future. This is the healthiest way, especially in the midst of a very promiscuous culture and society filled with temptations.

If you have a crush on someone, then the best thing to do is to pray for that person. Pray for them to be supplied and kept from the evil one. Pray also for yourself and for your future. If he/she is �the one� then pray that the Lord will keep him/her for you and that the Lord would keep you for him/her. Then leave it to the Lord until you are at a stage in life when you can commit seriously to someone (most likely post-college). It is best to avoid a romantic relationship in junior high or high school as the temptations and passions will be too difficult to control, and you are not in a position to make a serious commitment.